A New Website for the Counter Summit of European Education Ministers has been Born.

A New Website for the Counter Summit of European Education Ministers has been Born.

On the 13th  April an EU education ministers’ summit will take place in Madrid, due to the Spanish turn at the EU presidency.
In response to this summit the Platform Bolonia Fucking Up Group, formed by Students Assemblies, associations, collective groups, student unions etc, is organizing a counter summit between the 8th and 14th of April.
We call students and people both in the Spanish State and internationally to join us in Madrid on these days to fight neoliberal reforms from the streets and hold workshop discussions about the university we currently have and the universities we would like to have.
As well as accomodation for all participants, we are organizing international assemblies in which to continue building a European network, a demonstration on the 12th with the motto “We won’t Let Education Pay for Capitalist Europe. Don’t Let them Make Decisions for You, Against the European Union’s Ministers Summit”, and more.
If you have questions, would like to organize a workshop or want to come, CONTACT US so that we know when you are arriving and how many of you there will be!
Spread the word,
La lucha es el único cámino!

More info: http://bolognaburnsmadrid.wordpress.com*
Contact: bolognaburnsmadrid@gmail.com

*We are not using the blogspot site anymore!


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