Blockade Bologna Tuesday April 13


* CALL FOR Blockades: Tuesday 13: Blockades against the meeting of European Ministers of Education.

On Tuesday 13 March, European education ministers have scheduled a meeting to continue preparations to destroy European education. Commodified and sold to the highest bidder. However, it will not be easy. Everyone is invited to come and participate in peaceful blockades to try and prevent and disrupt the meeting.

Anyone interested in participating in the blockade should come with your affinity group to the convergence center of the counter summit: Faculty of Philosophy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (to get there: http://bolognaburnsmadrid. / hosting /), at 8:00 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday 13.

It is advisable to go days before the appointment to the focal point of the counter-summit to receive workshop affinity groups and legal (the workshop is offered every day from 15h to 17h). So we’ll be better prepared and better coordinated. Arriving at the Faculty of Philosophy, stop by the Information Point located in the Hall.

see you at the blockades!


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