From 8th to 14th of April, it will take place in Madrid an European
education ministers summit on the ocassion of the spanish presidence
of the European Union. So we want that in the Spanish State, as in
Wien, that the students voice be heard.We will go there to shout them
that we reject their university system, we will go to set out a democratic
and participatory alternative to oppose the european corporativism that
act in the service of neoliberalism.
The last year was a year full of struggles in the Spanish State against
the las reform in the way of the Bologna Process. This year we have
set in Madrid a collectives platform to organize a counter-summit to
oppose the Bologna Follow-up Group, the group evaluates the
implementation of the Bologna process in each country, which we’ve
called Bologna Fucking up Group. This platform coordinates students
assambles and other students organization which fight against the
commodification of the University.
The students from all around the Spanish State will come to Madrid for
the counter-summit. From the Bologna Fucking up Group we make an
international call to all stundents and activists which oppose to the
Bologna Process and want to set out a real alternative. Their false
Union in the way of the interest of a few can’t be compared with our
nion which links up through the solidarity of the struggles. We gather
in Wien, let’s gather in Madrid too.
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