Workshops will take place during the days of the counter-summit. They are focused to bring the ideas together about the way to move forward to an alternative education, an education far from the hands of capitalism, patriarchy and every form of injustice. Furthermore, there will be workshops about the coordination and developement of the students movement in the international context.

We have organized the workshops in different themes
  • Nonviolent Direct action, Civil Disobedience and legal consequences
There will take place small workshops about nonviolent direct action, civil disobedience, affinity grous work and legal consequences. This is focused to learn about this different tools to struggle and know the legal consequences of our actions during the counter-summit.
When?: Every morning during the counter-summit
Where?: To be confirmed
  • Education and Gender
Informal lecture and discussion
When: To be confirmed
Where: To be confirmed
  • Education and neoliberalism
Different lectures about the role of the education in the neoliberalist system
Where? To be confirmed
When? To be confirmed
  • Alternatives to conventional education
Sharing of different alternatives to the conventional education
1. Popular school Prosperidad (Madrid)
2. Libertarian Shool (FEL)
3. Learn cooperating to learn how to cooperate
4. Others…
When? 10 of April in the morning
Where? In the morning
  • Students movement and their forms of struggle
Discussion: Looking for new forms of struggle
1. Cycles in studients movement
2. Strike and faculty occupations to discussion
3. Free universities in Catalonia
4. Others…
When? 14th of April in the morning
Where? To be confirmed
  • Coordination assambly of the international students movement
When? 10th of April
Where? To be confirmed
  • Future of the Bologna Process
Discussion: Which is the next step of the politics/sellers of the education?
When? To be confirmed
Where? To be confirmed

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